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Beekeeping Equipment

Source the beekeeping equipment you need to succeed.

Greenhouses & Liners

Install a dependable greenhouse or dam liner.

Egg Incubators

Source a dependable incubator to hatch fertile eggs.

Dairy Cow

Get quality dairy cow breeds from Beki Dairy Farm.

Small Livestock

Source chicken, fingerlings, goats, rabbits, pigs, turkey & ducks.

Farm Equipment

Order quality structures, fish ponds, feeders, drinkers, etc

Borehole Drilling

Drill a borehole and get access to the water for your farm needs.

Drip Irrigation

Install a drip irrigation system and save money by lowering water use.


Order seedlings to get your farm off to the right start.

Rent a Tractor

Rent a tractor and the equipment you need.

Hay Bales

Purchase hay bales, lucerne, or yellow maize to feed your livestock.

Farming Courses

Access over 30 farm trainings on your mobile or computer.

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